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HiPAA HUB On-CallSM services provide your team with expert HIPAA resources, customized to fit the desired level of support. HiPAA HUB On-CallSM services include:

  • HiPAA Help DeskSM
  • HIPAA Privacy Officer (HPO)
  • HIPAA Securty Officer (HSO)
  • Staff Augmentation


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HiPAA HUB On CallSM service provides your Compliance Officer, Business Office Manager, General Counsel, and Executive Management team additional HIPAA resources, on demand, utilizing our HIPAA Help DeskSM services.


The law requires all Covered Entities and Business Associates to appoint a HIPAA Privacy Officer (HPO) and HIPAA Security Officer (HSO).  However, not all organizations have resources available to dedicate staff for these requirements.  Let HiPAA HUB help.  By appointing HiPAA HUB as your HPO and/or HSO, we will serve in this capacity to ensure compliance with the law.  By outsourcing these official duties, we bring expert HIPAA privacy and security leadership for a fraction of the cost.


Alternatively, your organization might have a highly qualified HPO and HSO; however, they might be "multi-hatted" or benefit from some additional support from HIPAA subject matter experts.  HiPAA Help DeskSM can serve to support your HPO and/or HSO. 


Hire HiPAA HUB as your contracted HPO and/or HSO, permanently or until we train an employee who will eventually be responsible for all of the legally mandated tasks.