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Company Overview

HiPAA HUB is dedicated to offering healthcare compliance solutions that improve productivity, mitigate risks and enhance the way our clients conduct business in the healthcare market. CEO Harry Doyle is an experienced expert in HIPAA privacy & security. His HIPAA expert teams have developed some of the most robust HIPAA compliance programs in the nation. He is also the founder of HD Healthcare, LLC consulting, specializing in governmental privacy & security regulatory compliance, data research, and information analytics. He is the managing partner for HD Health Law, LLC.


HiPAA HUB has been helping providers, insurers, and vendors with HIPAA compliance since the law was implemented.  Some HIPAA venders specialize in privacy, while others focus on security – HiPAA HUB is expert in both.  We know how complex HIPAA can be – with lots of moving parts.  Let HiPAA HUB serve as your privacy and security “general contractor” and we will bring other experts to the task, as needed.


Our clients don’t want to just say they’re “HIPAA compliant,” they want to be HIPAA compliant.  We are 100% dedicated to making healthcare providers, payers, and vendors compliant with HIPAA. 


We do "all things HIPAA" and HIPAA is all we do.  We are your one stop shop for HIPAA – your HiPAA HUB.


We make HIPAA easy for:

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors, Mental Health Providers
  • Health Plan Payers & Third Party Administrators
  • Business Associates
  • Employers, Government
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Accountable Care Organizations